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Our partner project was accepted

Our Erasmus plus project named The Endless Journey of Plastic with reference number 2022-3-HU01-KA152-YOU-000095197 has been accepted. The project hosted by Hungary will start on 02.09.2023 and end on 09.09.2023. A total of 8 people from each country will participate in the youth exchange project with a total of 48 participants. A total of 6 countries are involved in the project, including us; Hungary, Ireland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovakia, Turkey, Iceland. While determining the number of participants in the project, importance was given to the distribution of women and men.

As for the subject of our project, the main purpose of our project is to raise awareness in the society about environmental pollution caused by waste materials. It is also aimed to prevent waste materials from being left to nature and to ensure their recycling. By explaining the importance of environmental sustainability to our participants and target audience, it is to help them minimize the use of plastic and use glass products instead.

If you want to know more about the project, you can check the Erasmus Plus results platform that I have left the link below.

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