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Zift Slovakia Association was established on July 1, 2021 with the aim of activating youth activities, informing young people, defending young people, protecting, disseminating and developing the rights of young people, increasing their sensitivity to the problems that concern the society through cultural, artistic and educational means. Zift Slovakia Association is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that takes into account technology, communication, digital competence, and social priorities and aims to carry out activities towards these priorities. Zift Slovakia Association was established to develop and increase these activities in the international arena. We think that we will be bigger and stronger every day with the activities we will do in Slovakia. Zift Slovakia Association carries out Erasmus Plus projects in many fields such as education, technology, communication, digital competence, health, human rights, women's and children's rights, refugee rights, culture-arts, environment, society, management, leadership, entrepreneurship, youth camps and it conducts personal development training and social awareness seminars. In addition, our association aims to lay the groundwork for the formation of a society that adopts lifelong learning and self-renewal as a principle, is sensitive to culture and art, benevolent, respectful of human rights, and can combine theory and practice. to serve the information society equipped with these qualities.

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Allow yourself to dream big; and changing your life is just the logical consequence.

Our Mission

Our Mission

It is to create learning environments that increase youth mobility and supports learning from other youth and youth organisations.

Along with these, to encourage young people to participate in decision-making processes and democratic


Our Vision

We want to be an organization that supports the active participation of our members in our association, supports pioneering and voluntary work in the international arena, and creates awareness in society in the fields of culture, art, technology, communication, and history.

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